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Pag ibig Fund (Home Development Mutual Fund) Shaw New Branch

Pag Ibig (HDMF) recently launched their new branch in Mandaluyong located at 2nd floor 500 Shaw Zentrum, Shaw Boulevard, Corner S. Laurel Street, Brgy. Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong City. If you’re coming from Manila or Pasig or Ortigas Area, you can ride a Jeepney or an FX with a route of Pasig-Quiapo. There are also buses that sometimes passes there. If you’re coming from EDSA, whatever bus you’re riding, get off at Starmall EDSA, jeepney terminal is located near the McDonalds, it would only cost ₱ 8.00 (minimum fare). 500 Shaw Zentrum Building is on the left side of the road if you’re coming from EDSA. 500

(ctto). In front of 500 Shaw Zentrum Building is the Mandaue Foam Furniture Center. Some other landmark near are the following, S & R , Goldilocks, Puregold and Phoenix Gasoline Station.

Note, this is a separate entity with the Pag Ibig Housing which is also located along Shaw Boulevard not far from 500 Shaw Zentrum Building.

Although the line is common in public agencies, there’s not much hassle in Pag ibig.  Before you proceed to your destination, there’s an assigned officer of the day in the Information, located on the right side of the entrance, they’ll give you your corresponding queuing number.  Forms are also available there. Counters are as follows.



  • Counter 1         – Membership, MCIF, Penalty
  • Counter 2         – Records Verification
  • Counter 3 & 4  – Loan Filing
  • Counter 5         – Loan Verification, Loan Balance
  • Counter 6         – Claims
  • Counter 7 & 8  – Payments
  • Counter 9         – For Transmittal, USB
  • Counter 10      – Loyalty Card Application

What I like most about their new branch is the comfortable couch to set in with. It’ll help you relax and forget that you’re waiting hahaha 🙂 . Also, they provided a drinking station for the people.


Comfort rooms are available outside, located on the left side of the office.

For phone contact, here’s the number they had given to me. (02) 422-3000, While their customer service contact number is (02) 724 4244. You can also check their website at

There, I hope it helps.






Love ! It is when you don’t understand why you fall for that person. That’s why it’s called falling in love, you’ll never know when to fall. It’s forgetting your ” tall, dark and handsome” or ” tall, sexy and smart” standard because it’s about accepting that person and being proud to tell the world about how you feel towards him. It’s seeing your girl still beautiful and sexy in spite of the absence of makeup and perfume. And being able to kiss your man right after waking up, even if he didn’t brush his teeth yet. It is loving that person’s flaws and immaturity. But, it’s not Love when your world only revolves between the two of you, Love is not selfish. Love puts color in your world but it doesn’t narrow and limit your capabilities. Love is about your willingness to step out of the box. It is about opening yourself to a world with a lot of mistakes YET learning it’s lesson and be able to stand its consequences.

It is being honest and keeping that loyalty intact. It’s about forgiving and not living in the past. It is how you’re willing to wait for that right moment and still keep that fire burning while waiting. It is when you learn to extend your patience and control your emotions. You’ll not only consider your own good but think about your partner’s sake.

It is about holding your hands together while being positive and learning to smile in spite of all the pain and obstacle you’ve been through. It’s okay to shed tears, it’s part of loving- you’ll never feel the real taste of happiness if there are no tears anyway. It’s waking up in the morning and sleeps at night with a smile on your face because of being loved by the person you also love. It’s dreaming about you preparing your man a ” baon ” for work, fixing his shirt and necktie and biding him a goodbye kiss.

It’s living the day with the thought of the two of you holding hands with your white hair and wrinkles on your face playing with your grandchildren under a lovely sunset.

LOVE is love! Unexplainable! Unpredictable!


Originally written on September 23, 2013

Love ♥,


” It is Love when…” 

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Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT)

Being pregnant does not only mean that you JUST have to carry a small person inside your small tummy for nine months. It also means your body needs to undergo a series of laboratories aside from ultrasound, randomly, for nine months as well. One of these laboratories is the OGTT-which I hated the most.

OGTT is when they have to extract blood from you four (4) times. Yes, four (4) times. I have a bit of background of OGTT, because just this early 2016 I undertake the same procedure when my Doctor requested me to do this thing because I fainted suddenly. And through this procedure, we find out that I had a Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar). So, how’s the process? It’s like this. You have to present the laboratory request from your OB and present it to the laboratory clinic. They will instruct you to have a fasting for 8-10 hours. Upon arriving at the laboratory clinic, they will extract you blood from you, that is the first extraction. After that, they will give you that toooooo sweeeeeet mixture of sugar and water, about the same quantity of Yakult. Some clinic, have concentrated orange flavor instead of water and sugar. You have to finish it as soon as possible; they will not allow you to drink water. And the MOST IMPORTANT thing is that, YOU SHOULD NOT THROW UP THE SOLUTION. Or else you will have to repeat it again. One hour after finishing the solution, they will again extract blood from you-Second Extraction. Then after every hour is another extraction for the Third and Fourth Extraction. You cannot eat anything until you finished the procedure. You really have to endure the sweet taste of the solution, I almost vomit it but I had managed to prevent it from coming out.

I was 6 months pregnant when my OB requested me to have an OGTT. Though I really hate it, I had no choice. I was confident I’d passed the test because we don’t have diabetes in our family. On the contrary, as I said earlier, I was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia-the opposite of diabetes. Yet my OB wants me consult with Dr. Ang, though my sugar is not really high. Dr. Ang instructed me monitor my blood sugar at home. I had to buy a Gluco Meter a handy device that lets you check your blood sugar at home, in the office, in the groceries, anywhere. I bought mine at South Star Drug Store for only Php 1, 400. 00, its brand name is ACCU-CHECK Active.

download (1)

The package comes with free 10 pieces strips and 30 pieces lancet (needles). Strips and Lancets are both disposable. The Strips come with a code. When you buy the strips, they will ask for the code of the strips you were using. I was able to buy spare strips for Php 670.00 at Generika Drug Store for 25 pcs  (If I’m not mistaken). If you don’t want to buy the device, you got to go the drug store near you and have you blood sugar tested right there for Php 25.00-30.00 per test.  As for me, it is not convenient because I have work but for stay-at-home preggy, it could be applicable for them.

In monitoring the blood sugar, Dr. Ang instructed me to test my blood when I wake up, that means fasting. Then took another test two hours after eating. For example, if you wake up at 6:00 am, you have to take the test, then you eat at 6:30 am, you have to take another test at 8:30 am. Then take another test two hours after every meal.

What makes it difficult for me is that if I eat less, my blood sugar drops – hypoglycemia takes in. When someone had hypoglycemia, you don’t have enough energy to even move, you feel dizzy and helpless in the sense that it seems like you cannot control your exhausted body, worst is that when you collapse which happened to me many times. When you have high blood sugar, diet is very essential. Less soft drink, less carbs, more exercise. But when you are pregnant, it is hard to control your diet, let’s face it. What you need is self-discipline.

The oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) measures the body’s ability to use a type of sugar, called glucose, which is the body’s main source of energy. It can be used to diagnose prediabetes, diabetes, gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy). Gestational diabetes needs to be recognized and treated promptly because it can cause health problems for mother and baby. It is not permanent though. Once the baby is born, blood sugar will most likely return to normal quickly.

Too much can destroy you, but too little can also do the same. Remember not to deprive yourself so that you will not come to a point where you will overindulged because of unsatisfied and unfulfilled cravings. Just self-discipline fellow ladies.

Love ♥,


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St. Martin De Porres Charity Hospital

Having a baby in your tummy is one of the greatest feelings you’ll ever had … ever. But mommies-to-be or parents-to-be can’t hide the feelings of uncertainty and worries when it comes to choosing the right maternity hospital for them, especially if one of the things to be considered is your budget. Now that you are going to be a parent, you have to be wise.

Nowadays, Maternity packages are so expensive. It usually ranges from 20,000 – 50,000 for spontaneous normal delivery while 60,000-up for Emergency Caesarian Delivery. Not to mention the monthly prenatal check up, vitamins, prenatal milk and laboratory expenses. Yet, not all hospital or lying in has a good service, a good doctor and safe. See? It’s really not a joke. So, you really have to think twice in choosing the right Maternity Hospital and a trusted OB Gynecologist.

For first time mother, I would suggest they prefer a Hospital than a lying-in for their monthly prenatal and delivery. Since it’s your first pregnancy, you don’t know how well or worst you are during pregnancy. Especially when it’s time for your delivery. I have heard many stories, usually sad and unfortunate when it comes to giving birth in a lying-in only. The fact that lying-in has limited facilities and expert Doctors. You could give birth in a lying-in if it’s your second pregnancy; by then you already know how your body reacts to your pregnancy and delivery.

As for me, there are many hospitals around us namely- Victor R. Potenciano Medical Hospital, Mandaluyong City Medical Center, Sta. Ana Medical Center, Unciano General Hospital, Lourdes Medical Hospital and St. Martin De Porres Charity Hospital. We decided to choose St. Martin De Porres Charity Hospital located at Bonifacio Street, San Juan. Its nearest landmark is the Domican College and Santuariao del Sto. Cristo Church. St. Martin De Porres Charity Hospital is not a government owned hospital. It is operating by 57 years last September 27, 2016. Originally known as Blessed Martin De Porres Free Clinic.

From our place, we just ride a tricycle to Shaw (Metro) Mall in Nueve De Pebrero for Php 15.00 for special trip then take a jeep to JRU, SM Hypermarket Kanan via Starmall for Php 8.00 per head. When we’re in San Juan, we walk up to Jollibee, and then from there we took a tricycle to St. Martin for Php 15.00 (special trip). So you’re just going to spend Php 76.00 vice versa. You could also ride a jeep and take off at the Domican College and San Juan Church then walk for just more or less 3 minutes to get to St. Martin de Porres.

If you’re a new patient, you have to go straight to the INFORMATION/RECORDS SECTION to secure your new records through filling up the Patient’s Information and card, yellow for charity while green for private patient. Remember, your chosen type of card will be your lifetime card in St. Martin every consultation.

After that, they will instruct you to go to the OB-OPD Section of the hospital to schedule an appointment. Scheduling of Appointments for New Patient is as follows:

Mon, Fri, Sat   = 2:00-3:00 pm

Tue, Wed, Thu = 10:00-11:00 am; 2:00-3:00 pm

They will have you sign a waiver and an agreement, stating that the hospital doesn’t have an incubator (yes, they don’t have any, that’s why they are extremely strict with the prenatal check up because they don’t want any risk or complications that will lead to pre term labor) and that if you failed to come on your scheduled appointment, THE HOSPITAL WILL NOT ACCEPT YOU ANYMORE, even if you are near the BIG day. Yes, that is how they disciplined their patients. As per one of the resident OB-Gynecologist once said,” They did not become a doctor in just one day!” So you really have to be responsible with your appointments, not because it’s the policy but it’s for you and your baby’s health.

During my first trimesters, my appointments is just once a month, not unless you belong to the high risk group of pregnancies. High risk means you have gestational diabetes, spotting, open cervix etc. Luckily, I have a healthy pregnancy, not after my OGTT results. Kindly click this link to know more about OGTT 🙂


My result is not that high though, but my OB just wanna make sure that I will not develop Gestational Diabetes, so they instructed me to have an appointment with Dr. Ang for my blood sugar monitoring. That’s why my prenatal appointment with my OB changes from Saturday to Monday.

Remember, every time you come to St. Martin for your prenatal, you must head first in the RECORDS SECTION to get your records/folder. It’s either they will give your folder to you or they will be the one to bring your folder to the OB-OPD.

For the laboratories, OB Sonologist at St. Martin is by schedule that’s why I had my ultrasound and other laboratories outside the hospital. I would recommend Birth Place Clinic by Dr. Sharon Mendoza located in front of Mandaluyong City Medical Center. They have a friendly staff and up to date machine. The following were the cost of the ultrasound during my time.

PBS (Biophysical) Ultrasound         =          Php 900.00

Congenital Ultrasound                      =          Php 2,800.00

Pelvic Ultrasound                  =          Php 650.00

I also tried Baby in my Tummy Clinic adjacent the Birth Place and John Vier Laboratory Clinic near Mandaluyong City Medical Center, both clinics have an OB Sonologist and cost cheaper than Birth Place. Ultrasound for pregnant should be done by a license OB-Son, not by just a technician only. A number of times of ultrasound during pregnancy is not the same; it will depend on your pregnancy case and by the hospital as well, as I have noticed and heard that most of the government hospital has had less number of ultrasound all throughout the pregnancy.

Bear in mind that after the prenatal and delivery does not mean your expenses also ended. It is just the beginning, that’s why you have to be really wise in spending hard-earned money. This also applies in purchasing baby clothes, things, and other accessories. Branded and expensive ones do not guarantee your child’s future and health. It is how you take care and love him/her. After all, we were all born with no clothes at all and at the end of the day, we will be known not through the clothes we wear, the hospital where we’re born or the school we’ve attended to, but on how we are as a person.


Love ♥,


I May Not

I may not that rich

and give you my wealth,

I may not that smart

and give you my knowledge,

I may not the Genie

and grant your wish,

I may not the Saviour

and redeem your future,

I may not the tree

and shade you for free,

I may not the ocean

and provide you food for a lifetime,

I may not the sun

and give you warm,

I may not a teacher

and teach you for forever,

I may not the Creator

and give you the world,

I’m just a lady,

to give you my love for eternal life!

(written Jan. 06, 2007 when I was 17 years old, dedicated to my High School crush 😉 )

How to get a CENOMAR and NSO Birth Certificate !

Who wants the hassle and inconvenient?  Of course, no one. Even if I came from PUP, which also means Pila Upo Pila (that was before SIS was created) and though my alma mater helps me develop and lengthens my patience, I still don’t want the hassle and long lines. We are in the generation of technology and instant and phase where every minute counts and so every penny must be spent wisely.

One of the requirements in applying for a Marriage License is Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) and NSO authenticated Birth Certificate. We actually have various options, that will suit our different lifestyles. As the saying goes, “If there’s a will, there’s a way!”

Since we, my fiancé and I, have both works from Monday to Friday, and our vacation leave credits are easily consumed by my monthly prenatal check-up, we have to be very careful in choosing our options.

Here are the following options :

1.) NSO Main Office – It is located at East Avenue, Quezon City (in front of SSS East Avenue). It is one ride from Boni Avenue, take a bus with route SM Fairview, for doubts some buses have a card in front which says SSS & NSO. They are open from 7:00 am – 4:00pm from Mondays – Fridays. There is a step by step process instruction when you get there. But you will surely get your documents on that day. Since I am pregnant, we decided not to consider this option.

2.) Makati City Hall- It is located in Makati located at JP Rizal St.  In front of the New Makati City Hall, Ground floor of old City Hall Bldg. There is also a step by step process that will guide you when you get there. Unlike NSO Main Office, the waiting lines are not that long. But eventually, you will also get your documents on the same day also. We did not also consider this options because we are minimizing our vacation leave credits for other purposes, well merely for my OB-Gyn appointment :)!

3.) PSA  Help lines ( –  For those text savvy and don’t want to waste their time queuing in line, you can get you NSO documents online or thru phone. You can also call them 24/7 at (02) 737-1111. But, I’m warning you, this is a bit costly. The fee is Php350 per copy. You may pay through Bancnet online, any Metrobank branch, Bancnet ATM or select Bayad Center outlets. Delivery is usually within 2-5 working days upon receipt of your payment.

4.) SM Malls  –  Getting your documents in SM Business Center is like a piece of cake. You just have to go to the nearest SM Malls in your place. For us, SM Megamall is just a minute away. It is located in the 3r floor level. We went there on October 29, Saturday at 3:00pm, yes they catered during weekends but I’m not sure if they also catered during Sundays and Holidays, though. Oh, there is a cut off time. There were no long queuing lines. We paid Php 140.00 for the Birth Certificate and Php 195.00 for the Cenomar. And an additional Php 20.00 each for the processing fee. One thing to remember when getting your documents in SM Business Center is that it is suited for you if you’re in a hurry. Processing days takes 5 – 10 days for the Cenomar. But for us, it just took a week for us to get the Cenomar and the Birth Certificate. Upon claiming, you have to bring the claim stub with you and one valid ID. Just in case you will not be able to claim your documents, you can send your representative together with your Authorization Letter, your ID and her/his ID as well.

Don’t forget, you must have all the details (such as Mothers Maiden Name, Fathers Middle Initial, Birth Place) before choosing any of the options listed above.

I hope this helps you one way or another. If you have suggestions or corrections, please feel free to leave a comment 🙂 Thanks for dropping by :*

Love ♥,


The Dysfunctional Union

Being a product of a broken family was a real struggle. Not everybody can survive. It’s like a survival of the fittest under a deep dangerous forest, where you need not only to find your way out but you need to find yourself also. Your survival will be determined by only you. Physical pain is painful but an emotional pain will leave an unforgettable living scar … forever


My parents married without fully knowing each other. My mother was only 19 years old then while my father was 27 years old – a gap which will fuel their misunderstanding. They both came from a simple family. My mother was the eldest of three Marias while my father was the second child among four siblings. As far as I can remember, they just had a short span of a-boyfriend-girlfriend relationship when my father asks my mother to marry him. Actually, Mama seldom tells us their love story, like it was a nightmare for her.

The newly wed live on my father’s side in Cebu. Unfortunately, my father’s family has a cold hearts for her. They were not in favor of their son’s decision in marrying my uncle’s ex-girlfriend. Yes ! My mother was my uncle’s (Father’s 3rd brother) ex-girlfriend, yet I cannot elaborate the details for I also don’t know.

Their first years together was a misery, not a bed of roses. I remember seeing her crying in one corner of our small house because of them-it was painful. For years, she finally gets used to it. All their hatred, their cold treatment, and their negative comments. I don’t want to ruin my father’s reputation but I really don’t remember him consoling and defending her from them. We, my siblings, also get used to it. Hmm, how do I say this … favoritism factor ? Sometimes, they’re okay. Sometimes, they’re not. Even my cousins were influenced by these acts and attitude. We grew up not close to each other. I’m proud to say that in spite of the poverty, we were top notchers at school and we always make sure that at the end of every year we bring home medals and awards. We often joined the inter-school contest and bring home the bacon. But it was not enough for them to appreciate us.

I thought we were okay. My family was okay. During my early years in elementary, I know they quarrel a lot. They were not in good terms already. They fight with their mouth, though. But see, words hurts more than a physical wound. It’s ruining each others soul, not only there but it’s torturing us. I never ever thought we’ll end up like this-broken, a part.

Then, in one ordinary day in October 2000, my mother decided to end it. I guess it’s bound to happen or maybe it’s just the decision of someone stress, burnout and exhausted. I was 10 years old back then, so imagine how young my siblings were, the youngest was only less than a year. She packs our clothes and the next thing I know we were already traveling by sea to Manila. What’s the reason ? Just a simple misunderstanding that was fueled with their past piles of misunderstanding. That’s the start of everything, or shall I say the result of everything. Eventually, after 10 years of being in turbulent years together, she decided to cut the rope. She’s tired.

With my parent’s unsuccessful relationship, I realized the following were some of the pitfalls:

1.) Communicate – It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be somewhere else to talk to. You just have to be yourself when talking not only to your partner as well as to others. When you talk, try, to be honest as much as possible. Listen first and try to digest it before you react.

2.) Stop Shouting – Sometimes it feels good to shout especially when you’re angry. But did you even ask yourself if is it okay when someone will shout at you too? Isn’t it degrading? It could lose your respect as well as your partner’s respect too.

3.) Write – Not all people speak well or express themselves transparently through verbal. If your one of those unlucky ones, do it in a letter. Love letters are not corny at all. Sometimes, it could speak out your hearts. Plus it creates memories, painful and happy memories which someday will remind you of how you have been through.

4.) Grow Up – Do it for yourself and for your partner. We all have flaws and negative side as a person. We may not change our self completely but we should know when to grow old enough to adjust to our new surroundings, our new life, and new responsibilities. Every chapter of our life needs a new version – a better version of our self.

5.) Us Time – Try to have some quality time for each other. Bond with your partner, watch your favorite movie together when the kids are asleep, do the laundry and dishes together, have a walk in the park together with no kids around. Treasure your time together. Remember the universal rule is that someday, your kids will sooner or later leave the two of you to make his/her own family.

6.) Me Time – As the song Hard to Say I’m Sorry by Chicago goes, ” Even lover needs a holiday, far away from each other!” Well I guess, it’s true and effective. It doesn’t mean you should separate or file an annulment. Just take a day off away from your nagger boss or dependent office mates, away from the awful childish quarrel of your kids, away from the boring monotonous household chores, away from the chaos of life. It’s okay and normal to be burnout, congrats you’re 100% human. Treat yourself in a parlor or a massage spa or take a short stay-cation, visit a church and talk to him.

7.) Don’t Hold Grudges – I’ve been reading this over and over again in many books, articles or blogs. And believe me, it’s effective. Don’t sleep with your grudges in your heart because we can never tell if tomorrow we will still have a chance.

8.) Be Sensitive – Mind your partner. Not all “okay” means okay. Because sometimes, I mean a lot of times it means the opposite. Marriage is a union of two souls, a special connection between two different hearts. I believe that when you truly deeply love someone, even if you don’t talk with your each other, you will still feel and know what your partner feels and wants because it’s your hearts that’s talking.

 9.) Be a True Friends – Be your partner’s true friend, someone s/he could lean on and talk to. But remember not to be biased. Tell her the things, s/he doesn’t want to but needed to hear.

10.) Put God In the Center – Above all, make HIM the center of everything and everything will follow according to God’s plan. Surrender all your worries, pains and problems to HIM and let HIM lead the way.

There’s no perfect relationship at all. Love is a give and takes process. Marriage comes with higher responsibilities. A two to tango. What’s important is that you are enjoying every step, digesting every mistake and reliving all lessons learn along the way. A mistake in the past creates painful memories no one could erase , but on the brighter side, it teaches us a lot of lessons that will help us build a better version of ourselves to create a much better tomorrow.

As for me, I am happy that although I am a product of a broken family, I didn’t turn to drugs and vices. As well as my other sibs. I had to manage my emotions and continue my life. It was so hard that until now, even in writing this, I still shed tears, reminiscing the pains, still asking the same question what if and if only. I thought I could never make it. But I realized that moving on is an initiative and a decision you do for yourself and not for the other people. Moving on means accepting the truth. I know that the emptiness and the broken soul will always be part of me and my sibling’s life, for it can never be stitched or patched with anything, not even with money. Yet, being a product of a broken family never means you are also destined to fail. Failing is a decision, your sole decision only believes me.



Living in the world of pain

My eyes began to swell

as I remember my mother so well

the tears suddenly fall

with sadness … I recall

My tender childhood

was full of bad moves

I was like a lonely shadow

left behind a room of solitude and so narrow

My heart was crushed

pieces … by tears was flushed

Being sweep by the meddler people

who keeps on judging me at all!

I was living in my illusions

and was afraid to face my obligation

I was a princess in my dream

but in reality, was a servant of my own pain

Trying to express my tacit feelings

through writing my lines … my fame

But in reality, I was in vain

And yet, still subordinated by such pain

My life itself was wrung

by destiny’s poisonous fangs

a mute, as I am

thoughts and feelings were gone

Like the sun that was happily smiling

when actually, deep inside I was crying

Just trying to clothe the ache

being brought by my bad fate

I was more than a jerk,

wondering what way to take

will it be happiness as they dedicated ?

or still, be a subordinated by the pain

my fate was made …

written December 15, 2006

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if you and only you

I live long ago

with the heart’s so blue

spent my nights, eyes with tears

coz’ someone broke my heart in pairs

‘Till you came into my life one day

and you fixed my heart in your own way

light’s finally came and shine

because of you and only you dear of mine

You stole my heart before my very eyes

willingly I’ll give it to you but please be wise

I’ve been down for so many times

because of those foolish lie lines

I know it’s time for me to move on

and because of you and only you, life must go on

I would dare sell my heart bravely

if you and only you would be bought it for me and only me


-written by me on Feb. 20, 2008

It’s Positive !

I used to have a timeline for my dreams and for myself. By the age of 18, I should graduate from college, by 25 I should have my own family, get married and have kids. Yet, it’s God who decides for us.

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is a condition in which a woman’s levels of the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone are out of balance. This leads to the growth of ovarian cysts (benign masses on the ovaries). PCOS can cause problems with a women’s menstrual cycle, cardiac function, appearance, and worst – fertility. (For more information, please wait for my blog about PCOS or just research it in Google.)

When I first discovered it, I just shrug off my shoulder then let it pass to the other side of my ear. It was by 2015 that I took it seriously. When again my menstruation becomes less frequent, aside from being irregular and other symptoms such as weight gain, anxiety, mood swings become more frequent.

Aside from that, I notice that more and more of my batch mates are becoming a mother. Pressured eh?  I was afraid that I will not be able to bear a child if I still ignore it. Also, we were really planning to have a child soon, though we were just in our mid-twenties.

I started seeing my second OB Dr. Esther Ongkeko, a resident OB-Gyn at Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center (also known as Polymedic General Hospital, Inc.). She was really good and kind and calm. By the symptoms I told her, she easily identified it as PCOS. And joke that it was her specialty. She made me undergo a number of laboratories which confirms my case. Then she let me choose between two options, either to take a pill or the natural way (which requires a lot of patient and time management-it is some kind of a cream, forgot the name, though) to make my menstruation regular or even close to it. She also told me that PCOS is not curable but preventable.

I started taking Diane pills ( yes, I chose the less hassle option) by September 2015.  As far as I remember, it cost Php 648.00 in Mercury Drug Stores. Then eventually, my menstruation visits become monthly. Fortunately, I didn’t feel any negative side effects from taking one. But I stop taking it when January 2017 enters. I decided to try what others said about stopping the pills and it might get you pregnant.


For months, my menstruation became close to regular, meaning I had my monthly visits but the dates were not accurate. By May 2017, it stopped until June. I then schedule my appointment with Dr. Ongkeko for my check up by June 22.  Had undergone pap smear, Pregnancy Test, Ultrasound, and BhCG test – a pregnancy test thru blood. All my test turned out to be negative. I was expecting it as well since I am not feeling anything inside my tummy or even the early symptoms of pregnancy such a vomiting.

Then Dr. Ongkeko schedules an appointment after a month, that will be on July 13. I still haven’t had my monthly visit by then. The night before my appointment with her, I already took my Pregnancy Test. I was thinking, since I haven’t had my mens since my last visit to her, she would then told me to do the PT in her office and it was costly for me hahaha :). And the test was Positive ?! I can’t decide because it was just a faint pink line then just shrugs off my shoulder.

By morning, at the Hospital, before proceeding to Dr. Ongkeko’s office, I took another test, I don’t know, my instinct was urging me to do so. And boom, it was very clear – two red lines. It’s POSITIVE! I reallyyyy can’t believe.


When my time comes, I show my PT results to Dr. Ongkeko and ask for confirmation if it was really positive. I had my emotions mixed. Then she told me that ” Yes! It’s positive! Congrats, you can’t deny it! ♥”. She prescribed me with prenatal vitamins for the baby and for me.

When I came out of the Hospital, I was like floating on cloud nine. I couldn’t explain how I feel. I’m so happy and excited and anxious and worried and mesmerized. I really can’t believe. And above all, I am so thankful to God that in spite and despite all my mistakes, I am still too bless!

I didn’t tell Maue right away, I want it to be personal. By evening, when he comes home, I show him an ampao and ask me what was that. I told him to open it. When he realized what he saw, he hugged me so tight and I could feel tears were flowing in his face. He was speechless 🙂 I was too. Now, our grand adventure is about to begin!

I always believe that if it’s God’s will, it will come true. You just have to trust him with all your hearts and surrender. No one’s perfect, we are just human and making mistakes is one of our nature. But our Merciful God never forgets to forgive us and still look after us after everything we’ve done. All we just have to do is pray and trust HIM!

Shall I say, Welcome to motherhood to self then eh ?! ♥♥♥