The Tipsy Royal Pen is a journal of a frustrated blogger who aspires to inspire her readers on how she faces her trials, MISadventures and of course, blessings in life ; She loves to share her personal experiences when it comes to being a wallflower, a first time mother, working-mom, full-time-wife, an aspirant HR and a lady who could be everything she could be 🙂

Please call me J. Just a typical Filipina-Spanish girl (My great grandfather on my father’s side is half Spanish) – that’s where the pecas came from ☻☻☻. Morena. Petite. An ambivert. I was born in Cebu, made life in Cebu or just what I thought. Then found myself living in an unfamiliar yet familiar place – Mandaluyong City. An alumna of PUP Manila. Took up BS IO Psychology. Aspiring HR practitioner. Frustrated writer. Much frustrated singer. A dreamer. The mother of Ezekiel Johann.

I’ve been dreaming of managing my own blog site since I was young. Then when the world seems so unfair upon growing and surviving is my family’s everyday struggle, I left that dream behind. But I guess it’s not yet too late. Someday, I promise myself to publish my own books and manage my own learning center.

Why Tipsy Royal Pen? Because I always have this restless and tipsy mind that always wants to write and talk but can’t often start the first sentence. And in spite of being a simple and average person, I still want to put my own unique signature on everything I do.  Hence, The Tipsy Royal Pen ♥

“People will doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do!”

Have fun reading ☺☺☺ !


Love Lots,


P.S. ♥

(Views and opinions in this blog are merely based on personal experiences, therefore, it does not stand for and/or characterize any brands, persons or organization.)



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