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I May Not

I may not that rich

and give you my wealth,

I may not that smart

and give you my knowledge,

I may not the Genie

and grant your wish,

I may not the Saviour

and redeem your future,

I may not the tree

and shade you for free,

I may not the ocean

and provide you food for a lifetime,

I may not the sun

and give you warm,

I may not a teacher

and teach you for forever,

I may not the Creator

and give you the world,

I’m just a lady,

to give you my love for eternal life!

(written Jan. 06, 2007 when I was 17 years old, dedicated to my High School crush 😉 )



TheTipsyRoyalPen is a journal of a frustrated blogger who aspire to inspire her readers on how she faces her trials in life ; She loves to shares her personal experiences and misadventures when it comes to being a wallflower, a first time mother, working-mom, full-time-wife, an aspirant HR and a lady who could be everything she could be :) (Views and opinions in this blog are merely based on personal experiences therefore it does not stand for and/or characterize any brands, persons or organization.)

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