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Living in the world of pain

My eyes began to swell

as I remember my mother so well

the tears suddenly fall

with sadness … I recall

My tender childhood

was full of bad moves

I was like a lonely shadow

left behind a room of solitude and so narrow

My heart was crushed

pieces … by tears was flushed

Being sweep by the meddler people

who keeps on judging me at all!

I was living in my illusions

and was afraid to face my obligation

I was a princess in my dream

but in reality, was a servant of my own pain

Trying to express my tacit feelings

through writing my lines … my fame

But in reality, I was in vain

And yet, still subordinated by such pain

My life itself was wrung

by destiny’s poisonous fangs

a mute, as I am

thoughts and feelings were gone

Like the sun that was happily smiling

when actually, deep inside I was crying

Just trying to clothe the ache

being brought by my bad fate

I was more than a jerk,

wondering what way to take

will it be happiness as they dedicated ?

or still, be a subordinated by the pain

my fate was made …

written December 15, 2006



TheTipsyRoyalPen is a journal of a frustrated blogger who aspire to inspire her readers on how she faces her trials in life ; She loves to shares her personal experiences and misadventures when it comes to being a wallflower, a first time mother, working-mom, full-time-wife, an aspirant HR and a lady who could be everything she could be :) (Views and opinions in this blog are merely based on personal experiences therefore it does not stand for and/or characterize any brands, persons or organization.)

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