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if you and only you

I live long ago

with the heart’s so blue

spent my nights, eyes with tears

coz’ someone broke my heart in pairs

‘Till you came into my life one day

and you fixed my heart in your own way

light’s finally came and shine

because of you and only you dear of mine

You stole my heart before my very eyes

willingly I’ll give it to you but please be wise

I’ve been down for so many times

because of those foolish lie lines

I know it’s time for me to move on

and because of you and only you, life must go on

I would dare sell my heart bravely

if you and only you would be bought it for me and only me


-written by me on Feb. 20, 2008



TheTipsyRoyalPen is a journal of a frustrated blogger who aspire to inspire her readers on how she faces her trials in life ; She loves to shares her personal experiences and misadventures when it comes to being a wallflower, a first time mother, working-mom, full-time-wife, an aspirant HR and a lady who could be everything she could be :) (Views and opinions in this blog are merely based on personal experiences therefore it does not stand for and/or characterize any brands, persons or organization.)

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