Living in the world of pain

My eyes began to swell

as I remember my mother so well

the tears suddenly fall

with sadness … I recall

My tender childhood

was full of bad moves

I was like a lonely shadow

left behind a room of solitude and so narrow

My heart was crushed

pieces … by tears was flushed

Being sweep by the meddler people

who keeps on judging me at all!

I was living in my illusions

and was afraid to face my obligation

I was a princess in my dream

but in reality, was a servant of my own pain

Trying to express my tacit feelings

through writing my lines … my fame

But in reality, I was in vain

And yet, still subordinated by such pain

My life itself was wrung

by destiny’s poisonous fangs

a mute, as I am

thoughts and feelings were gone

Like the sun that was happily smiling

when actually, deep inside I was crying

Just trying to clothe the ache

being brought by my bad fate

I was more than a jerk,

wondering what way to take

will it be happiness as they dedicated ?

or still, be a subordinated by the pain

my fate was made …

written December 15, 2006

Posted in Poetry

if you and only you

I live long ago

with the heart’s so blue

spent my nights, eyes with tears

coz’ someone broke my heart in pairs

‘Till you came into my life one day

and you fixed my heart in your own way

light’s finally came and shine

because of you and only you dear of mine

You stole my heart before my very eyes

willingly I’ll give it to you but please be wise

I’ve been down for so many times

because of those foolish lie lines

I know it’s time for me to move on

and because of you and only you, life must go on

I would dare sell my heart bravely

if you and only you would be bought it for me and only me


-written by me on Feb. 20, 2008