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One Summer @ Cagbalete Island


Travelling is one of the best parts of being employed. You gotta enjoy it for free ☺☺☺. For our company’s outing this 2016, we had chosen Cagbalete Island. It is located in Mauban Quezon. Just 4-6 hours travel away from Manila.

I had a bit difficulty in choosing the right resort to stay with, considering that one of my bosses is an elderly. Of course, you want the best accommodation and food but at a cheaper price. Though we had a branch in Real, Quezon it didn’t give me the advantage because they (our employees and manager) haven’t been in Cagbalete Island before. Plus, what’s making it more difficult is that it’s already Peak Season and almost all bookings were full.

After such a head excruciating decision, we chose Pansacola Beach Resort ( 

Here is our Itinerary for the day :

4:30 AM Meet up at Chowking Greenfield District Mandaluyong (H.O. Employees)
5:00 AM Departure
8:00 AM ETA in Famy, Laguna (pick up Real Employees)
11:30 AM ETA in Mauban Town
***Stop at Mauban Tourism Center for the environmental fee.***
12:00 PM ETD from Mauban Port to Cagbalete Island
1:00 PM ETA in Pansacola ; Check In
3:00 PM
3:30 PM ISLAND HOPPING (optional, Php 150.00 per head)
5:00 PM
8:00 PM ☺☺☺ Socials, bonfire, 2 cups (san mig apple) ☺☺☺
11:00 PM lights out !!!
10:00 AM
11:00 AM Check Out
12:00 PM LUNCH
1:00 PM ETD from Pansacola Beach Resort to Mauban Port
2:00 PM ETD from Mauban Port to Pasalubong Center
3:00 PM ETD to Famy, Laguna (Drop Real Employees)
7:00 PM ETA in Manila


We arrived at Mauban Town by 11:00 am, earlier than we’ve estimated and headed to Mauban Port for the registration and environmental fee which cost ₱50 per person. They also give discounts for Senior Citizens as well. The tourism office catered boat rentals going to the island.  They have public and private boat available. The small boat costs ₱1,500 for 2-3 passengers and big boats good for 8-10 passengers cost ₱4,000. For us, Pansacola Beach Resort already arranged the boat for us that will bring us to the island. Unfortunately, the scheduled of the boat was re-sched because of the low tide. We left Mauban Port by 1:00 pm already.

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This is what Cagbalete Island looks like from afar. But When we arrived there, it was low tide and the boat cannot move on to the shore that’s why we had to walk towards the resort along with the seaweeds and the clear warm water and white sand.


After an hour, our lunch was already served and it was really sumptuous. It is not what we expected with the price  we’ve paid. Though most of our companion was male, still, many of the food was left which means the serving was really generous.


For our accommodation, the male and our Boss occupied the Bulong Ita Hut. It was spacious and the ventilation during day time was good. I forgot to mention in the beginning that Cagbalete Island don’t have electricity during day time and that is one of the most important things you should consider in choosing the right resort. With Bulong Ita Hut, they don’t have electricity during day time. (Photo of Bulong Ita Hut is from Pansacola Beach Resort facebook page)


For our Boss, he occupied this one. There is one bed and a connecting door to the CR.


For other male employees, they occupied the Atic. It was spacious and can occupy almost 20 persons. They also provide mattresses and electric fan for the night time.


Meanwhile, we chose Villa Deluxe for the ladies room. It is an air-conditioned room day and night. Yes, you heard it right, Pansacola also provides air conditioned room. You can also have it by Group, Solo or for Couple. 12829114_10153472230381616_6873833204401231183_o1485991_10153472231031616_4681157725600194448_o12032634_10153472231626616_2420202749405756_o1075510_10153472231026616_7091083877227395278_o10272717_10153472229606616_3608220438461401695_o10923727_10153472231581616_4536347663264248648_o

The snack was served at 3:00pm. After that, we try to explore the other side of the Island. There is a cemetery on the left side of the Island and after that is another resort. I reserve the pictures for you to see when you get there.

Afterward, we just enjoyed the beach and the clear water. Our itinerary wasn’t followed, the Island hoping was resched the next day. (Pardon with the photo, we didn’t aim to get a high-quality one, we just cherish the moment 🙂 )


We had our dinner at 7:00 pm. And swear, we were never disappointed with the foods the serve. The servers were accommodating and friendly and neat. They also served soft drinks and alcohol.

After dinner, the resort had a fire dance show at the shore. And for some couples, the fireworks together with the atmosphere of the beach is perfect for a wedding proposal. ♥

During our last day, after taking our breakfast, we decided to push through with Island Hopping. The boat rate was ₱150.00 per head. It is a must that you go there early because the tide is getting low.


We just stay there for 1 hour. When we arrive at the beach we didn’t have time to swim because it’s already low tide and you will walk maybe a kilometer away from the shore to be able to swim.

After lunch, we already leave the resort via the same boat we had when we got there. Since the tide is still low, there is a small boat that will bring you to the big boat.

With our experience with Pansacola Beach Resort, we will definitely be back again. Thank you for the wonderful experience. More Power !


Love ♥,




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